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If you’ve ever tried to express your opinion about a billboard, you’ve found that it’s pretty hard to find who, what, and where to do it.  This site will help you do that for the billboard (in West Haven City boundaries) on the West side of I-15 between 12th and 21st Street exits  (see map).  Click on the links below to express your opinion about the billboard.

**Please be civil**
(form letter below, if you are not sure what to say)

Billboard Owner:  Simmons Outdoor Media, 801-325-3184

Property Owner: Douglas J Harbertson, 801-394-4100, 525 W 12th St, Ogden, Ut 84404

Owner of Dr Johns: John A. Coil, 2600 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75234

Weber Co. Commissioners

Mayor Brian Melaney, (West Haven Mayor)
City offices 801-731-4519


To whom it may concern,

I would like to complain about the billboard in West Haven (currently advertising Dr John’s lingerie).  I don’t feel it is appropriate in our family oriented community.

This billboard site continues to have advertising that attempts to catch our attention by showing too much bare skin.

Please consider the opinions of the community members and take action.

For more info. see

Thank you,



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